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  • Security guard watching CCTV monitors. In today's fast paced world, it is easy to underestimate the need for Security, Surveillance and Intelligence more today than ever before, because those who want to harm our interests, have advanced methods available to them to execute their plans. So when you want to protect yourself from shrewd operators, you need professionals on your side.

    Union Security are ISO 9001 Certified security company licensed by the Police Licensing Regulatory Department of the Singapore Police Force. Union Security were founded in 1999 by a group of former Police Officers from various departments and specialist professionals with decades of expertise in Criminal and Commercial Investigation, Intelligence Operations as well as Security Planning and Security Manpower Management.

    We currently offer Investigations, Security and Intelligence services in the following countries:
    • Security services in Singapore. Singapore
    • Security services in Malaysia. Malaysia
    • Security services in Thailand. Thailand
    • Security services in Indonesia. Indonesia
    • Security services in Vietnam. Vietnam
    • Security services in China. China
    • Security services in Hong Kong. Hong Kong
    • Security services in Taiwan. India
    • Security services in Hong Kong. Philippines
    • Security services in Taiwan. Australia
    We are the leading full-service security company in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific Region,which offers a variety of professionally and discreetly managed services for individuals, companies and governmental entities. Our team comprises of highly qualified security professionals, whose top priority is always the client's needs for Security, Investigations and Intelligence. We have expertise in:

    CCTV system for buildings.
    • Security Services
    • Security Equipment
    • Cyber Forensic Investigations
    • Business Intelligence Gathering
    • Private Investigation and Surveillance
    • Maritime Security (Armed/Unarmed Sea Marshalls)
    • Specialist Training Services and Security Consulting
    • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) or Debugging

    You will find a credible advisor and reliable partner in us. Your security and confidentiality is our biggest concern and we will do our best to earn your trust.

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